Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photos to use against your Children!

Caption: That's not how you are suppose to use Mommies razor! Or... Dude, you have got one hairy face! Why don't you go at least shave your nose?


Holly said...

OUCH!! Poor thing

Anonymous said...

Always said everything that your children do you have done but near shave your nose. Your first try at shaving your legs however. Poor baby. Mom

morgan kelly said...

I remember wanting to be like dad and shaving. He gave me a razor with no blade in it, loaded up my face with shaving cream and let me go crazy.

Perhaps the husband needs to do more hands on training with his little guys, it appears they get a nogo on this task.. lol

It also Looks like the razors need to be put into a lockbox..

gretchen said...