Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Traditions

Picture is actually from Dec 07

My favorite Sunday tradition: Snuggling in bed!
Sunday, none of us have to get up early to do anything, so instead whenever you wake up, you come and jump into Mom and Dad's bed and snuggle. Lots of rubbing, kicking, fighting for prime positions, and a few discussions of important matters like why your belly button is so deep, your elbows so pointy and why it's important to wait for just the right thing/time. Mom generally is the first to flee the queen sized bed filled with 6 individuals, but we all enjoy it for a short moment! Too bad that we forgot to turn our clocks forward an hour before we went to bed this Sunday. Snuggling lasted too long and we were a little late for church!


Brittany Crane said...

I love it! I hope you have a king size bed.

Thanks for inviting us to the park yesterday. It was Fantastic!!!

Anonymous said...

this will be one of your children's most wonderful memories. Way to build a wonderful childhood. Mom