Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beggar's Night

In Ohio, they have what they have dubbed beggar's night. It is the night the children go Trick-or-Treating. It is held on different nights determined by the different cities. If you are really excited, you could clean up on the candy thing! We chose to stick to just our cities beggars' night which was deemed to be Saturday from the times of 6-8pm. We basically stuck to our own immediate neighborhood as well. We went to the next neighborhood over just to go around one circle and to the graveyard- something you absolutely have to do on Halloween (OK, so it wasn't technically Halloween.)
The kids all around the neighborhood pretty much stuck to just 2 groups, so Emma and her friend who were at home handing out the candy were done with their job in about 1/2 hour.
That afternoon, Emma had convinced me that we didn't have enough candy. You never want to be the looser house on Halloween! I'm not up for ultimate winner status either- too expensive- but still you don't want to be caught turning off your lights ten minutes after it all starts or raiding your kids baskets to try to regift candy! (done it!!) I had bought the boxes of individual bags of popcorn, because it seemed cool, different and I wouldn't eat it before Halloween! But then I broke down and got a couple of bags of chocolate that I was using as bribes (Yep, I ate a lot of it!) I was afraid, that most of those two bags were now gone and that the boxes of popcorn only had like 20 bags in them, so I went to Sam's club and got two more bags of candy. We ended up not even going through the popcorn and giving out none of the candy! Darn- I should have insisted they give out candy first!! Of course, I would take them back, but some little hands got into each bag. I'm not sure why, when they had a full bucket of candy right in front of them!! So now my house is flowing with chocolate once again. I'll never look good for this cruise!
I was a little slow on the whole Halloween thing this year- the year is just going way too fast for me. Almost no decoration were put up until the day of Beggar's night and we didn't carve the pumpkin until 5 pm on Saturday. I started out having the kids help, but they didn't get far, so I hurried and made a quick butcher knife pumpkin- my pumpkin saws broke! Oh, well, it worked!


Searls Stuff said...

I looks like Beggar's night was enjoyed by one and all!

Anonymous said...

beggar's night and Halloween, All hallowed eve, are separated by their purpose. One to beg candy and dress silly . The other to remember and honor the dead , This I know because this is the way they have the holidays in the "old
South" I grow up in. I am delighted to hear that some places still do it that way. Isn't it fun to learn new customs and holidays.