Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We made it to the Homecoming parade because Emma marched in it. They had all kinds of people march in the parade- all the teams from the high school and junior high and all the little football leagues and cheerleading leagues. Then they had their royalty and the class floats and some boy scouts. It was really a community parade.Waiting for the parade to start
We did not however make it to the Homecoming game- Robert was again brain dead and just wanted to sit in front of the TV. Besides it had turned downright chilly outside! We have no one old enough for a Homecoming dance, so we didn't have to bother about that either.
This parade was fun- they still throw candy here! Before the parade started the President of the Student Body Councel came by, saw the boys and gave them all a cow with a certificate for a free milk shake or cinnamon rolls or in Sam's case an ice tea (throw that one away!) stapled to them. We also saw a couple people from the ward in the parade. One of them is a Dad to one of the boys I teach in Sunday School, so he threw us two of the little footballs he had to give away.
As always we lost one of the boys at the end, so we missed the marching band performance. We hear they are really good and I have several kids that I teach that are in the marching band. I really have to go see one of these home games sometime, so I can see the band! Unfortunately time is running out! Emma's season is now over.
I definitely think she was the most improved on the team. She went from not playing at all sometimes to playing the entire time and even serving. At their last game in the tournament they were down 17-24. 25 wins and since it is rally scoring, the other team wins even if you don't get the ball over the net on your serve. And guess who came up to serve. I was so nervous for her! I was so happy when she got 4 serves in a row over and then they lost it after the return! At the end of season party her coach just grunted and handed out little gifts to each of the girls and didn't say anything about any of them. That's his personality. I am surprised he isn't a football coach instead!


Melanie said...

Looks like you all are getting adjusted. Sorry I don't post comments more often, but I do check you blog almost daily.

Hope you are well. Love all the pics!!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

home town parades that is so middle America. Sound like a great place to grow up