Monday, October 4, 2010

Conference Weekend

We had a lovely conference weekend inside. The weather has gotten positively yucky here, so inside was a good thing.
The boys played with Lego's and did Conference Bingo with M&M's- there was more M&M sneaking than anything. (I told Max to put his shirt back on, but he told me that to be like that was Cool!) Emma did conference bingo too and had a surprisingly high bingo ratio! I worked on the same project I have been working on for the last 40 conferences. For all you math challenged folks that is 20 years! It is the only time I dig out the cross stitching, so it has really taken that long to do! I am excited to say that I finally finished the cross stitching part! I only have the back stitching to do! So if you come and see me in a couple years, I may have the picture up for Christmas!
We turned the fireplace on for the first time. We had the sister missionaries over for dinner. It was a good weekend. How was your conference weekend?


Searls Stuff said...

Our conference weekend was surprising restful and uplifting. Especially considering the fact that I probably didn't hear all of even 1 talk. Leslie's family was here and I swear, we spent more time trying to keep them happy and quiet than actually listening. But, the Spirit made up for what we couldn't hear by enhancing the things we felt.

Anonymous said...

Little brother Tim joined us for the week-end. He had forgotten it was conference week-end and wasn't too happy he was not going to get the after church goodies the single sisters always provide at the singles ward. Then Cindy and her little people came and played quess what? conference bingo with pennies. I played with the babies and listened (mostly) What does that have to do with flying an airplane? Let me tell you Mom

polwig said...

I am getting tired of this rainy Virginia weather already, I guess I should have not complained few weeks ago when it was super hot. Time for indoor play.

Thayne6 said...

I remember when we started cross stitching!:) I still have the patterns we copied for the ABC's. Wow that was a loooong time ago. Glad to see that you're still at it!