Thursday, October 7, 2010

True Colors

Everybody loves Sam- Everyone! And nobody would believe me when I tell them how stubborn and difficult this boy can be, so I took a picture as proof!
The weather has turned cool here in Ohio. This weekend it's suppose to rebound into the 70's, but mostly it is in the 50-60's. Sam thinks he is too cool for pants and jackets, though, even when the temperature at the bus stop is 40, so I have been slowly packing up all the shorts. He kept finding some to wear, though. Finally I got them all- including his workout/sports ones and put them away. So today he refused to wear any pants. Yep, he put his shoes on with his boxers and got prepared to go out to the bus stop. This is when I snapped the picture. I was so curious to see how far his stubbornness would take him, but his Dad walked out of the bathroom, saw him that way and yelled at him. He grudgingly put on the jeans I had brought down for him and ran for the bus he was now late for. Darn! I wanted to see him open that door and take the first step out the door that way! What would I have done, if he made it all the way down to the bus stop with that stubbornness, though? I tell you I would have died laughing, but then I probably would have had to yell at him myself, because then I would get a call from the school and that would be embarrassing to mom! Don't you just love a power play first thing in the morning?


Searls Stuff said...

Oh my! He is going to have a fit when the snow and ice hit. Some winters can be very brutal there. By the way, I too would love to know if he would have stepped out the door dressed that way.

Anonymous said...

So let the boy wear shorts. Kids in Utah and Wyoming wear shorts all winter and they live healthy. Pick your battles. Grandma says let the boy have his cool and he will wear the jeans when he is cold enough. Mom