Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I am hearing lately

DUDE, Seriously!
Ok, can you guess who says that? Right! One time when Emma had used Dude 3 times in one sentence, Rob started saying it back, "Dude!" And then of course we all had to chime in. The car rang with "Dude!" for a good 3 minutes. Emma was so annoyed!

"There was a big bee that came out of the barn, he had a big stick under his arm and he went, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
This is accompanied with tickling and elicits laughter intermingled with "uhhhhh, Daddddd!" He either uses this to wake the boys up or "The bear goes gallumphing along, gallumph, gallumph" before he pounces on you. I remember my dad waking us up with singing. I thought it was the most annoying thing ever! Of course, turn around is fair play, so that's how the boys get woken up if Dad doesn't do his bear or bee impression! Emma has moved into the realm of waking herself up, thank you very much!

I asked Emma what she was going to do now that volleyball was done and she said, "relax, for once!" It's so hard to be a teenager these days!

"Knock, Knock"
yep, Max has moved into the knock, knock phase. I will be so sad when that is all done. I guess I will just have to let them hear me do it. After all they need the experience, before they have children, of laughing at things that don't make any sense!

"Mom where did you put..."
Um, really, seriously?! How about someone uses, "now, where did I put..." every once in a while!

"Do we have anymore Peanut Butter?"

We go through a lot of Peanut butter at this house ever since we stopped letting them buy lunch at the school. Joseph only does peanut butter! They also like to put it on pancakes and waffles and in cookies and in their rice krispy treats that have chocolate on top of them (sinful!) We usually have at least 2 more jars of Skippy Natural floating around somewhere- just in case you ever need to borrow a cup!

"Mom, I stayed dry!"

Yeah! All of my children have been potty trained by the time they were two, except at night. A couple of them had trouble with night time. Max has had the hardest. This is a cognitive thing, I know. The synapses for that subconscious part of the brain don't even start to develop until 2 and can take all the way up to 5 (so the book says.) Well Max
is 5, so I was getting a little worried we would have to do something other than bribery, pottying lots before bed, etc. I was starting to look into those little alarms when all the sudden things seemed to have just clicked! Those synapses must have finished their little party and are coming home to start work! Double yeah for us!!


Anonymous said...

annoying children especially teen-agers is one of the fun things of being a parent that and laughing at nonsense jokes. Why did the turtle cross the room? To sit on the man's head. uncle Mike's favorite joke at age 5 and 6 and 7

Searls Stuff said...

Keep writing these things down. Foolishness is thinking you will ALWAYS remember those memorable moments!