Saturday, February 20, 2016

Christkindlmarkt Zeit!!

I love Christmas Market time in Europe!  Besides the one we found in Edinburgh this year we went to:

Lovely Tubingen to their Chocolate market

 Chocolate art

 All made from chocolate

 Best dessert ever- literally melted chocolate in an ice cream cone
chocolate shots- something we didn't try

Esslingen's Medieval market (as a school chaperone)

We dipped candles, went on the man powered ferris wheel and ate lots of good food and drank some wonderful chocolate and kinder punch (hot fruit punch, basically!)

and Beautiful Strasbourg, France's market

 Each street was decorate differently.  Most of them had stuffed bears and other animals hanging from windows and balconies and tied up to door jams.  Poor cold animals!

Memorial for those killed in Paris by the terrorist.


Searls Stuff said...

Yum! Why is European chocolate so much more delicious than American?? I'm feeling pretty envious right now.