Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The End of Summer

Summer had to come to an end sometime.  We had one last hurrah at a ward youth party in the corn maze

and then it was off to school for these three.

Somewhere in all that summer time, Joseph went to Scout camp and Sam went to Football camp.  Sam won another award this year.  He won the "Ironman" award.  There was one for the upper classmen and one for the lower classmen.  It involved push up, sit ups, pulls ups and a mile run.  It was an optional thing and very few people did it solely because of the mile run part.  Sam had one competitor in his group that sized everyone up and was very confident he could win.  Problem was, he didn't know how stubborn Sam is.  Sam beat him in pull ups and sit ups and the guy beat him in push ups.  Then they ran.  Sam was behind "almost an entire lap."  (which I highly doubt, but maybe 250 or 300 meters).  Sam calculated in his head that the only way to beat the kid was to beat him in race, so he took off.  He caught the kid and they raced like crazy to the finish.  He said he could hear his whole team cheering for him and getting all riled up.  Finally they crossed the finish line together.  Sam was sure he had lost, but had calculated wrong and actually beat the kid by one point.  The team went crazy, because it was the first time ever that our school had won this particular award!  He has been contemplating donating it to the school to put in their trophy case, but I say no way- that is purely his award!


Searls Stuff said...

He is so sweet to think of donating the award! But, I agree about keeping it. Maybe it would be different if he could go back and see it from time to time!