Saturday, February 13, 2016

Experiencing a Little more of Germany

There were a couple things that we hadn't done in the area that we finally did this fall.
  The first was to take a walk up Rubble Hill.

 It is where they piled bunches of rubble from the bombings from WW2.

 They say the whole hill is made of rubble and it has just been overgrown with vegetation, but the trees look pretty old to us.

 Anyway, it is a nice little hike and there is a beautiful view of Stuttgart at the top.  Afterwards we went and ate Doners as big as our heads.

The other was to blow our own glass vases at the Huttenhaus.

 This would never go over in America.  You actually get up there with these guys and they are twirling this hot melted glass around with you right there and then you blow to make it into a vase.  It is really quite fantastic.

There is also a whole glass museum inside.  After we waited for the glass to cool down by going through the museum, we took it over to the grinder, who stops what he's doing to grind your vase down for you.

 Really just amazing.  The idea that people should know the consequences and be responsible for their own actions is quite refreshing!  We didn't even have to sign a waiver or anything.  It was even more fun because we had friends along with us and we stopped for a bite to eat on the way in and out of the Black Forest.   It was a grand day!


Anonymous said...

very pretty vases- I miss the big delicious donnoers- the local stuff is called gyros and they aren't even close.

Searls Stuff said...

When my father was stationed in Germany, I was in the first grade. I can vividly remember the many, many buildings still fenced off with chain link and boarded walls . Basically, piles of rubble held back from the public walk ways. It was good to see how much had been repaired by the time I went back as an adult. Europe is an amazing place. Your children will cherish the many memories you have helped them create.