Friday, February 5, 2016

The Cows Came Home

Well after that exhausting hike to see the cows in their mountainous home, I was not about to miss the cows coming home.  We stayed in Garmisch

 and went to the celebration in Mittenwald.

 Mittenwald is a cute, Bavarian town in the middle of the alps with painted building and cobblestone everywhere.  It was a little wet and cold that day, but it was fun to see the cows running around with their bells ringing and their owners all dressed in old fashion garb. 

 The only bad part was that Joe hit his head and made it bleed so much that we had all kinds of Germans helping us try to control it.  They even got an EMT.

On our way home we stopped at Highline 179 in Reutte, Austria.  It is the longest pedestrian suspense bridge.  There was a castle on one side of the bridge and a fort on the other side.

  The hike up there was nice,
The dragon in the park at the bottom shot water out of it's nose at you.

 but the bridge scared the stuffing out of Max and I.  We held on the whole way and just kept looking forward. 

 I forgot that suspension bridges swing.  And they really swing in the middle- I got to the other side as soon as possible.  But then we had to go back again!


Searls Stuff said...

We loved the Garmisch are. The kids went down an Alpine slide there and about half way down, Scott freaked out. There were so many Germans that came to help him. Your story about Sam made me think of that. Good time!

Anonymous said...

the rainy weather makes your hair so cute. curls everywhere makes a daddy proud. no way I would ever go on that bridge.