Friday, February 5, 2016

We Enjoy a Full Life

We like to keep our life full, so not only were we busy with Sam's full football schedule and the cheerleaders, we also had Max playing tackle football and Joseph running cross country.  This was a first for both of them.  Max ended up on a team with lots of experienced athletes and we had to make sure he knew it was OK if he didn't play that often- and he didn't.  Even when he "won" his spot during the week, something would change by the weekend.  It was very frustrating as a parent and for him.  He played on the line and did just as good as the other player he replaced when he was out there.  He played around a lot with the quarterback, who is our next door neighbor and learned so much that I was impressed by the end of the year.  Now he spouts off all kinds of football facts, constantly to us.  He is very excited that his favorite quarterback is in the Super Bowl this year- Peyton Manning.
It was the first year that CYS offered a cross country team for the junior high age.  There were some immensely talented runners in this group.  Two of the girls actually beat all the high school girls in every race they allowed us to join in.  The boys weren't far behind.  Joe ended up being middle of the pack, but that's not bad considering how little he practiced.  In the end, I think his best time was 22:30 for a 5 K.  I can't do that anymore!

This is how they all ended the race- it was supposed to help with lactic acid- or as we like to call it: Galactic Acid!

At the end of the season party the coach talked about how much Joseph could talk.  She said they would be running 5-6 miles and she would realize that he had been talking to her the entire way!  He can keep a steady stream of conversation going if he feels like it!  What a busy, busy year.  With three in traveling sports (2-3 hours away for most meets), it was good that we knew friends on all the teams, so that they could help us out with rides!  That is one of the things I am looking forward to when we get back to the states- no 3 hour drives to get to meets!


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you can talk while you run are you running your fastest? just wondering. of course for grandma if you can run period you can only say pain