Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The 8 Ate's

This last Sunday we had Stake Conference. It was our regional conference time, so we had a satellite broadcast. Elder Uchdorf and Elder Russel M. Nelson spoke. We were amazed at how Elder Uchdorf's accent is hardly even disernable, now. I love Elder Nelson. He gave a great talk on making a happy marriage. He told of one man who was a stake president and when they reorganized the stake they put him in as the clerk. He said he was driving home with him and his wife afterwards and the wife started to compliment her husband. "You remember all those records you wished were better, now you can make them that way. You are going to be the best clerk ever, I just know it! I am so proud of you!" He said he noticed as the wife was speaking that the gentleman started sitting a little higher. He talked about how wives just needed to be kind to their husbands and lift them up. Then he talked to the men, but I think both sides could learn from his 8 Ate's.

1. Anticipate - Find the secret desire of your wives heart.

2. Appreciate

3. Celebrate -he said "you have already learned to not forget their birthday and your anniversary, now CELEBRATE it" and then he talked about celebrating your sealings by going to the temple, celebrate your marriage by going on a date at least once a week (that one is a hard one for us. My husband tells me he takes me out all the time, it just happens to be with the kids in tow!)

4. Cooperate- I think this is so important, especially with children. So often I see my friends dump their kids on their husbands the minute they come in the door, every day! I was at a book club the other day and spent way too much time there and someone said, "you deserve it right?" And I thought, "I have something almost every day this week- do I deserve that over my husband. When's the last time he came home from work and said, "see ya, I'm going to book club, or golfing or whatever" Uh, a long long time.

5. Elevate - do not walk into the doors of your home unless you are able to come in and elevate your wife.

6. Motivate - motivate your wife to find her talents and perfect them.

7. Radiate

8. Supplicate - counsel with the Lord, make your home a house of prayer, a house of order, a house of God.

My husband has taught me many things, but one of the best was how to talk with and elevate your spouse. He taught me by example. He made goals to lift me and compliment me and then proceeded to do that. It is so easy for me to do it back to him, now. I think it has definitely made our marriage a whole lot better! I am grateful for wonderful men like Elder Nelson and My husband!


Rob said...

I have noticed that you have tried to live by these 8 "ates" this last week - thank you!! You are great. I will try harder myself.

I liked your cooperate thoughts. It indeed is a cooperation to be a good husband and wife team.

Natalie C. said...

We also had stake conference with the same broadcast. I thought it was SO GOOD!!! I just got a lot out of the whole thing. I noticed my husband was taking notes during that 8 ates part. Good husbands that we have! :)