Friday, February 8, 2008

Catch up!

This last weekend we finally went running together as a team again, sans one person. I had to drag myself out of bed, because I had a cold and was not feeling well at all, but I decided I just had to go: 1) because there comes a time when you have to start running again (longer distances) after a marathon if you want to keep it up and what a better time to start than now and 2) I had heard of the challenge on marathon mommy about running farther than you thought possible in memory of the prophet who was being buried that day. So I dragged myself out of bed and went with the boys running. We ran on solid ice for 8 miles. At one point Dwyne decided to cross crountry ski. It was really hard to get up the hills or pick up the pace since your feet just slipped all over the place. Rob decided we had to go even though it was icy. His reasoning was that there were 3 of us and so the odds were with him that he would not be the one that slipped and fell. We had a couple near misses, but no one went down! I even kicked the paper at mile 3 1/2 because the other two didn't want to take the chances of just being awkwardly on one foot. The paper wasn't going to kick itself, though, so I kicked it for the team!
Saturday night I worked and there was a billion people there. Unfortunately, we seem to always be short doctors these days or the doctors we have are slower than snot, so the nurses all sat at the nurses desk and had an early superbowl party, because there was nothing else we could do, but wait. I felt bad for the patients, though!
Sunday we went to a super bowl party hosted by one of the counselors in the Elder's quorum presidency. The Sunday before they were talking about what kind of activities the quorum would like to do together that year and one of the guys in the quorum piped up and said, "you know 95% of us are going to be watching the Super bowl, so why not just stop pretending and lets have a party." My husband, the President, decided not to run that by the Bishop, but the Super Bowl party was born. Most of the ladies went upstairs and Karaoked with the kids. First of all, I can't sing worth a darn, and second of all, I was getting my back rubbed by my husband, I was having fun conversations with the guys, I was surrounded by yummy food and I was watching guys in tight pants run around, why would I leave? Seriously. I thought about it, especially when one of the guys said something about why wasn't I up there with the women. I made some smart comment about having my fill of women that day- but it was just to get a laugh. I was just really enjoying the time down there, especially being with my husband! I kind of like him!:)
The funny thing about that game was that my husband kept cheering for whoever was not winning at that point. I finally asked him exactly who he was for and he said, "the underdog!"
So this last couple of weeks have all been about catching up- Catch up Patriots, Catch up Deb, Catch up Giants, Catch up ED docs, Catch up Emma (who is having trouble in school again. We just found a tutor for her), Catch up Emma and Sam (we keep missing gymnastics and jump rope classes- now we are doing double duty to catch up! Sam has moved up to intermediates and just got his back tuck!) and always there is Catch up Joseph! (he is our little lagger!) If only I could catch up now. It seems I can never get anything done- laundry, cleaning, valentines projects I meant to do, care packages I meant to send, computer software that hasn't been put on my computer yet, schedules I haven't gotten into my work yet, books I need to get read and back to the library pronto, and on and on. I think I need that 25th hour now!


mom said...

take a deep breathe sweetie. That message was so you. With the guys, flitting with your man and having too much you want to do. That's my Deb. Rob was wise not to dicuss the super bowl party with the bishop. although I am sure he knows. With the super fans at our house we didn't even note the super event except for the commercials we saw later. That Jack-in-a-box one is just creepy.

Barb said...

You are dedicated to run on ice!
Your "unofficial" party sounds like fun.