Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy President's Day

Ok, now is the place where I insert: Late entry. Actually performed on Monday the 18th . Deb RN--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

We decided to go to Mount Vernon on President's Day, because it is always free on that day- so did everyone else! It was slow going down the parkway, but we were able to find a parking spot without too much difficulty thanks to a teenager who we dubbed the next contestant on "What Not to Wear"! The place was hopping! We took a look at all the cows (Ok, they were sheep, but Max kept calling them all cows!), and the Potomac river, and the forest and the threshing floor. Last time we went, they let us run around the threshing floor and had a guide that told us how it all worked. They had it blocked off this time, but they did have a pile of hay outside that the kids really enjoyed. They even buried Joseph in it. Thankfully none of the kids has hay-fever! Ms. Jodi (one of the friends that came with us) did start getting hives on her legs, though.

Then it started to rain, so we slowly made our way back to the museum- So did everyone else. We decided to just leave and not try to see the stuff in the museum, because of the volume of people, but it was pouring by that time. We waited as long as possible with a bunch of kids that wanted to do something or eat something with a large crowd of people pressing in from all sides. We finally had enough, so we just pushed our way out and walked in the rain to our car. Everyone else stayed where they were, thank goodness, so it was an easy drive to the base where we went bowling. That was a much more fun and relaxing way to spend President's Day. Besides, what's better than a plate of cheese fries, a nacho supreme, rootbeer and a pizza, and a little bowling to say "here's to you dear President's of our past!"


Rob said...

It was a nice day that wore us all out.

Anonymous said...

for president's day we had a sleep over. The two girls Bethany and Sarah took baths in Grandma's big round garden tub that lasted a half hour each and the boys Joshua and Tim played video games. I bet the late president wished they could take long baths in warm water and play video games too sorry they were born too early for tv and in-door plumbing Mom

Anonymous said...

Our Presidents Day consisted of riding snow mobiles up the mountain from Dad's Cabin and then the long drive home to Pocatello, that seems a little off topic compared to going to George Washington's estate, sheesh.

I do like the pictures.

Not sure how to sign in again so this may be anonymous :)

Love you guys and thanks for the Valentine cards and pictures