Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Joseph

Today's lesson in primary was about choices. Joseph chose to feed the ducks. See him with the bread in his arms. But also notice the little bubbles he drew next to him. He told his teacher he was feeding the ducks, but he was also thinking of space aliens on earth. That's my 5 year old. Definitely an imagination and look at that cartoon drawing. I think he may have found his calling!


mom said...

loved your drawing Joseph. I am going to save it and print it and put it on my fridge with your cousins pictures . Grandma keck

meg said...

I have a blog that I think you might enjoy reading. It's a friend from highschool who is also my sister-in-law's sister! Find her at I thought of you because she'll also a runner. Have a good day!

Rob said...

I was sitting here at working thinking of space aliens when I thought I had better get back to work and check your blog. :)