Friday, February 15, 2008

Hair cuts and E-mail

This week has defenitely been about catching up with things that were long overdue, like the kids getting their hair cut. I usually do it outside, but it's been so cold I did it in my bathroom. I am sure I will be finding hair in there for weeks, even though I swept, vacuumed and wiped it down with a microfiber cloth. Here are the boys making our ultrasecret lemonade recipe of water, crushed ice, lemon concentrate and sugar. Woops, did I just give away the secret? Max has started saying his name, but can't say the x sound yet, so he asked, after I had poured two cups, "this one Mak's?" Too cute!
I have been ironing and washing up a storm, too. It is amazing how many loads this family can make in just a couple of days.
Yesterday, I went through my e-mail inbox. I had stuff that has been there since June. I finally got it all gone through and even found my brother's e-mail that let me see the pictures his wife took or had taken at our family reunion this summer. I found these cute pictures of us all being silly and just had to have them.It's nice to know that you can order pictures from Snapfish from that long ago. We don't have many pictures of our family. Mom and Dad weren't the "tote the camera around and take a million pictures of our cute kids" kind of people. They liked making the memories, not recording them.
I, on the other hand, have bought all the best camera equipment for a non-photographer and am looking at more- I need one with a smaller apeture (you would think I knew what I was talking about.) of course it could be a bigger apeture- I'm not sure. Anyway, I have one that goes down to a 3.5, but I need one that is closer to a 2. I also just bought the Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0, because it was on sale for a great price and because everyone knows that is the thing you have to have to make your pictures really pretty. Unfortunatly, I don't have the time to take the tutorials it takes to figure out how to use the dumb thing! At least I don't take a million pictures of my cute kids, I just buy all the stuff that looks like I am going to!
PS. One sister is missing in these Photos, she was in California dressed in a metal bra going to a Anima convention. See I don't even know how to spell that, it is so out of my realm!


meg said...

Love the pictures! Somehow I've missed those. Goodluck on the photography thing. I've tried REALLY hard for years to take the appropriate number of picture (how many is that, you ask? I don't know) and make them look like something special - or atleast worth keeping. If I didn't see the smallest improvement, I would have given up long ago! Did you see the picture of Maddy (the b&w)? I took that! Occasionally I get lucky!

meg said...

I've only taken an enrichment class, but I have read some photography books. I would LOVE to take better pictures, so I just keep trying! Thanks for the compliment!

Anonymous said...

That convention is spelled Anamie I think but I do know that you don't wear a metal bra to it just blue hair and big eyes. It is Japanese cartoons. We do try to take pictures at big events but we either forget the camera or have no batteries or just do a losey job so we are glad other family members so take pictures. Mom