Friday, January 11, 2008

The Excel spreadsheet from My Nightmares

My husband came up with a wonderful idea. Let's count our calories together and see if we can loose a couple of pounds. When my husband puts his mind to something- watch out! Enter the Excel spreadsheet- A perfectly harmless thing if you are using it to keep track of your budget, but it transforms drastically in an engineers hands on a mission to loose some weight. Now I have a boss that demands I put my calories in it all day long. It adds these up, substracts my workout calories and then calculates how many pounds I will loose by the end of the week if I don't eat another thing. I watch as that number drops from 5 pounds to a mere 1.55 pounds today- that is, if I don't eat another single thing for the rest of the week. Oops, I forgot about those 2 oreo cookies I just ate. Oh well, I guess I'm going down again!


rob said...

That cookie looks really good but it is worth 53 calories. By the way, I am beating you. :)

Love, Me

lelly said...

oh, but for the love of oreos. i hate when you actually have to count their calories. i (sadly) still like to tell myself that if you don't record them, the calories don't count. especially after 8 pm.

good luck!!