Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm a Domestic Diva... or maybe not!

The one thing Emma asked for her birthday, which I was willing to get, was a new blanket. She has had a silky blanket since she was a baby and apparently at 11, she still needs one. I decided to make one, special, because after all, I am a domestic deva. (I have even been told this by friends a couple of times, lately.) So I went to the fabric store and bought the best fabric for snuggly blankets. One side is silky, silky and the other is super soft and warm. Unfortunatley, those two fabrics don't sew so easily together. They slipped and slid and curled and looked terrible. After unpicking, pinning to death and then unpicking again, I remembered that I read on the internet about taping this kind of material with masking tape and then stitching over the masking tape and then tearing the tape off afterwards. So that's what I did and it worked, except the whole taking the tape off thing.I tried really hard and then I decided to do some fancy stitching over the top of it to disquise the fact that I couldn't see where I was sewing with the tape on and leave the tape taking off thing for later. Unfortunately, the tape is now securely in place under that fancy stitching. I tried another blankie- a travel size that I was just going to sew straight together and then flip right side in. I thought this would be easier, but even with the tape it curled and twisted and refused to sew straight. I know there are so much better domestic diva's out there than me, so what do you do for this kind of material to make it work? I thought the serger, which I bought myself for my birthday might just do the trick, but I can't have it yet, because it's not quite my birthday.
The other problem with the blanket making, was that it took all day, the day I was suppose to be cleaning for my mother-in-law's visit. Of course this was probably uncousious procrastination. So instead, I cleaned like crazy all day today. Now there is an advantage to procrastination super fast cleaning. All those closets that you look into and think, I can't have her see that- there is just no time to clean those, so move on! I did clean the fridge though. I love a clean fridge. There was a lot of stuff that had to be thrown out, there. My husband is amazed by my ability to grow mold. I have grown mold on chocolate and killed a cactus. I am the epitomy of the domestic diva. Whose the lady with the green thumb? That's me.........Oh, sorry, I was just cleaning out my fridge, again.
Now don't get me wrong. I have a clean house. I have a super clean husband, who will get up from the couch and go across the room to pick up a speck on the carpet. And clutter drives me crazy. I also clean my fridge out about once a month. I am just a little dyslexic about it!
So more domestic diva-ism today. I brought Emma some cupcakes to class today and made these cute little flags on my computer.
My final Domestic diva-ism picture for the day. This is breakfast. I don't believe in cereal. It has no nutritional value. Unfortunately, I haven't moved beyond whole wheat pancakes, waffles, french toast or eggs. I try oatmeal every once in awhile, but my kids hate it. So any suggestions to increase my diva nature would be appreciated!


mom said...

Sweetheart, here is a special fabric tape that you use for these projects not masking tape. I remember a prom dress I made for you that had the same slippy quality. I remember some ***** words over that dress. What a good mom to make a blankety for your almost teen-age daughter. See they are both grown up and still a little girl at the same time. Now the fun years start. We have sent by Amazon your birthday presents. Love Mom

Thayne6 said...

Speaking of sewing, remember our cross-stitching year at Ricks! I found some unfinished projects from then in a box the other day. I'm sure they'll be in there for another 18 years!

By the way, Happy Birthday! We're getting up there aren't we!:)


Rob said...

You are and always will be my one and only Diva!!

You are amazing!