Tuesday, January 8, 2008

SPT challenge

I found this blog that does a photo challenge every Tuesday. I think the letters stand for She Photographs on Tuesdays. One thing I really need to work on is my photography. I need to take a class, but until I have the time, the best thing to do is experiment with my camera, right? So here is my SPT this week. It is a self portrait that also includes some of my goals. The one word I had come up with was Flexibility. You can read more about that here. But I do have more goals. Some center on health. I did just run a marathon, but that doesn't mean that I am super healthy- especially where it comes to eating chocolate with abandom.

Some are more social. One thing I have found, is that I don't live in the moment very often. I am always worried about what I could or should be doing, where everyone else is and I am not, how I should be looking or what everyone else is thinking instead of enjoying the simple moments. Take for instance this fun day we had. Can you believe it was in the 70's today at the beginning of January? So I took our preschool stuff outside and we did a little lesson and then we played with chalk and hop scotched. I tried really hard to just enjoy it and not think of all the things I could and should be doing and things like that. It was really hard for me and I almost stopped the playing too soon. But I took a deep breath and redirected myself and just tried to enjoy a little hopscotch with my 2 youngest.
I was readjusting the straps on my youngest's carseat to the highest level and I thought. I will be doing this for the last time and I was a little bit sad. I don't want to miss out anymore. I don't want to find the laundry more important than the reading of one more book or the molding of some color of clay I can't even describe. I am a stay-at-home mom, because I choose to be with my children. Won't it be sad if I look back and think- I wasn't really with them?! So I also choose to live in the moment this year!


Barb said...

Hi there, I have 4 little monkeys of my own.
I appreciated your stretching picture and how it tied into your word.

Holly said...

I found you through Lelly and SPT--just wanted to say hi! I haven't done my SPT yet, but I will soon--I hope.
Good luck with your flexibility--in ways other than physical too--and with your goals for 2008.

BTW, I am trying to improve my photography and learn about my SLR manual settings AND I am about to run my first marathon this weekend!

lelly said...

i love that you have just jumped right into spt. i think the challenges will help you focus on the here and now, especially the here and now of *you*!!

meg said...

beautifully said and me too!