Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley Dies at 97

For all of you that don't know, President Hinckley died last night around 7 pm. We got the call around 10 pm from a friend in the ward who has a brother that worked for the Prophet. It was quite a shock, just because he seemed like the kind of person that would live forever. He most impressed me with his quiet love for everyone. He didn't seem to need any attention. He didn't need to argue with anyone. He stated things simply and to the point and didn't apologize. I remember seeing him on a program with other religious leaders. Of course the Evangelical one went right after him and tried to stir him up. He didn't take offense and just kept saying wonderful loving and true statements and it finally brought them all around. They stopped trying to get at each other. It made me very proud to have him as our prophet.

I am glad he is reunited with his wife. That is another thing that impressed me so much- the way in which he treated her and loved her so much. There was a love and gentleness in that relationship that is worth emulating!

He is the only prophet my children have known. It will be hard for them to change. It is so cute to hear them say that the prophet is Prezdent Gor B. Hinckley!
How will you remember President Hinckley?


Barb said...

We had previously talked to the kids about this and already explained to them about what usually happens, so that seemed to have made it easy for them to accept today.
He was a sweet man.

mom said...

I remember Bro Hinckley long before he was the prophet he was the PR man. He was the voice that read the official statements and took the questions. He started young in that calling. He is also the voice on the early Seminary tapes before VCR's. They are very dramatic especially the ones about the Joseph Smith's life and death. If you can find them are great.

Rob said...

Thank you for your comments. I too loved the man, the Prophet.